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East Empire

The city looks so pretty, do you wanna burn it with me?
'Til the skies bleeds ashes and the fucking skyline crashes
They catch us with matches to ignite the flame
And all the hopes of a youth deemed fucking insane

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East Empire [Sunday 8th Nov @ 3:55pm]

You have come across the E a s t  E m p i r e. It's a world most intimately familiar to those with power and those arrested by power. There is nothing so incredible about the concept, but when wielded, the blunt force of power can crush, can build, can change all things. What sort of thing that ultimately holds us all bounded, connected, and still even, is a world where power interweaves subtly and then crashes to the fore. There's little certainty when powers mesh and meld, and least of all in the high skyscrapers of capitalist tyrants, in the white rooms of government oppressors, in the slums of underworld lords. Time turns, and the world turns with them.
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Premise & FAQs [Saturday 7th Nov @ 5:48pm]
[info]eastempire is a panfandom pb-based alternate universe set in a semi-fictional modern day eastern coast of the United States, specifically New York City, Newark, and Washington DC. These three cities represent the three main aspects of the game for which the thrust of East Empire's larger story will depend: capitalism, crime, and government.

These three separate, but not always independent, regimes of American power are far-reaching, and spread as widely as the corners of the continent, sometimes even curling around the necks of countries most and least expected. Such powers of domination are encompassed in the game by the seedy underbelly of the mafia in Jersey to the floor of Congress in Washington as well as the sky-scraping towers of high finance in New York. Yet it is not only the Americans who hold American power. Russian spies, for instance, the KGB, as well as the Italian and Russian mafia all have their bases somewhere along the east coast. The game is an interplay of many powerful existences, functioning as one of these three classes of empires.

We welcome characters of all types from any fandom (game, movie, tv show, etc) and would love to see a variety of PBs. This game caters to all of the roleplayers out there who are curious about representing known characters and interacting them with others in a dramatic real-world-like setting. Being that this is heavily plot-based, the game will also encourage a great deal of out-of-character discussion.

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Polis Guide [Wednesday 4th Nov @ 5:36pm]
It would behoove you to get to know the greater details of what this game is centered around. Because it's understandable that so much of this information might be overwhelming, we recommend that you at least get familiar with the section that is most relevant to your character. But don't regard this as cram-studying. In fact, take this as reference information. The city guides that we've compiled here are factual, but fun, and will contribute greatly to the dynamics of your roleplaying experience. Do keep in mind that our guide isn't exhaustive, but it certainly serves as a big picture and a launching point from which you can start doing your own research. We are, however, trying to make your life easy by putting the information out there for you. The guides are broken down by city. There are three cities, each representing a form of power, with either one or two highlights per city of a type of organization that exists under its relevant category.

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Drop Box [Saturday 31st Oct @ 5:22pm]

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