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Polis Guide [04 Nov 2009|05:36pm]
It would behoove you to get to know the greater details of what this game is centered around. Because it's understandable that so much of this information might be overwhelming, we recommend that you at least get familiar with the section that is most relevant to your character. But don't regard this as cram-studying. In fact, take this as reference information. The city guides that we've compiled here are factual, but fun, and will contribute greatly to the dynamics of your roleplaying experience. Do keep in mind that our guide isn't exhaustive, but it certainly serves as a big picture and a launching point from which you can start doing your own research. We are, however, trying to make your life easy by putting the information out there for you. The guides are broken down by city. There are three cities, each representing a form of power, with either one or two highlights per city of a type of organization that exists under its relevant category.

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